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18/09/2012 13:22

Jasa Desain Logo  Time to share a new documented brand identity process! The logo design project I’ll be sharing in this brief is with Open Data Science, a start-up organization by a return client which I had a good experience with on our first project Stock-Fight.

Client brief
Below I’ll share some of the questions and answer which lead to my decision making. Keep in mind some sensitive information is not shared.
What is your company product or service?
Open Data Science offers students and faculty at universities the opportunity to learn the data science trade first hand on real projects for customers, while gaining the insight and experience from working with industry professionals.  We also offer industry and public sector sponsors the cutting edge research and professional data science consulting and engineering services to improve their businesses.
Open Data Science mission statement
The Open Data Science mission is to make the United States the global economic leader in the data science fields by promoting the field to students, raising awareness of its importance in industry, and providing educational opportunities for students and faculty studying the data sciences.
Target market and demographic
For our services:  Graduate students, faculty.
For support:  Private and Public sector sponsors, as well as grant funds.
What logo designs appeal to you and why?
I like logos that are symbolic, and not too obvious.  I think it shows that thought went into the design of it. I like custom font work also.
What logos DO NOT appeal to you and why?
Anything that is cartoony or too colorful.  Open Data Science should appeal to professionals and academics, but also to students, so it should be sharp, but clean and modern.  “Clean and modern” is such a generic thing to say about a logo, but I hope we can clarify that more.
Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?
No, not yet.  I’d like to incorporate the name, and have something that invokes learning and a high degree of skill.
Keynotes taken from interview
Emphasize a high degree of education
Focus on a strong concept with meaning
Appeal to students and employers
Clean and modern
Simple color scheme
Note from the client, “Data Science is open, NOT just open data.”
Webbing & brainstorming sketches
I had done quite a lot of research before I even started sketching ideas. It’s very important to know what the business is before representing it. Data science is a very new profession and understanding it is quite complicated.
Here I do a little bit of webbing and word correlation which helps generate thoughts. Basically, put your topic down then web in words that are related and so on.
This is a shot of my sketchbook. Some ideas are good and some are bad. Bad logos are good because you can learn from them and think of better ideas. Sometimes you’ll even sketch a good idea on accident which you can then expand on.
Digital logo concepts
In my mind, I had knocked this out pretty quick. The first concept with the brackets is what I had become attached to based on the strong idea behind it. A color choice had even sprouted into my thoughts.
In order to emphasize readability and data science, I bolded it to stand out.
Brackets are used widely across formulas, functions, and stats.
The brackets are turned outward to show open resources. reminds me of open doors.
Choosing a color scheme
As you can see above I started to dabble in color quickly. In the back of my mind, I wanted something that stood out by the competition.
Everyone is using blue due to its cool collective nature. You’ll see it all over science and computer related logos. Blue is very passive and recedes into the background especially when painting. Red would be a bit aggressive although it would look strong. Orange ended up being a good compromise.
Why did I choose orange? Orange represents energy, enthusiasm, and demand of attention (toward data science). It gives the design a contemporary look. Orange also looks good or even better against blue as a complement to your competitors forcing you to stand out in a logo spread.
Experimenting further
The client had budgeted enough to spend a little extra time tweaking and making sure there weren’t better font options. The brackets were also questionable but ended up staying the same.
Kerning the type
Click to enlarge and see the units.
The final logo design
In the end, we came up with a very simple and elegant mark that had a great concept behind it. It’s also scalable down to small sizes to be used on promotional products and business cards. This logo design will last decades despite any trends that arise.
You can check out Open Data Science on their website!